See what our students and parents are saying about us.

Both of my children have been studying at Padooki’s for the past three years. They like it very much there and are making significant improvements in their results. Teacher Roger is such a great teacher. One thing that I really appreciate is that he encourages the kids to borrow storybooks from the centre’s library every week. My children’s English reading habits have improved so much. Thank you!
— Mr. Chan
My daughter Chloe began taking classes at Padooki’s when she was in K.3. She learned phonics, reading, and writing. Now she is in P.6 and recently took classes to prepare her for secondary school interviews. She enjoys learning at Padooki’s and her interest in English continues to grow. I’m very happy about this because I know it will be important for her as she starts secondary school.
— Mrs. Wong
Thank you Teacher Mike for all your help. Cheryl has improved so much under your guidance these past two years. Many thanks to you.
— Mrs. Ng
Padooki’s English Learning Centre is warm and caring place. The teachers are patient and the staff are helpful. I have two children who attend lessons with Teacher Matthew. Both of them are very happy to go to his class on Saturdays and I’m happy to see them improve significantly at school. They also read more English books in their free time which they did not do before. I highly recommend Padooki’s.
— Mr. Tsang
Mike is just ok.
— Mrs. Chan
Teacher Ying is good.
— Mr. Lam